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30/08/2012 12:24

Nowadays different Windows operating systems on the computer monitor offered. Mac OS or Mac operating systems is one of the best that had been set up to supply the Linux operating system and the Microsoft Windows or Apple's operating system is a product of the company is to Mac Os X Sonow Leopard The name stands for Macintosh Operating System Mac OS are known to be extremely powerful graphic interface. It was registered in 1998 first operating system for Macintosh computers supply 128 Kbps, which was only installed on Macintosh computers. But Apple decided it was time to review the scope of work and increase its operating system for home computers and laptops of all kinds designed Apple. The original version of this powerful operating system has two parts and software System Finder that any of this had to change. Zyyba looks fantastic and has a fast operating system also has high security. This version of the operating system, called Snow Leopard version of the operating system is hacked to allow the operating system of Apple computers other than computers, such as Intel x86 and Amd x86 can be used in this edition of technologiesApple has announced that its new Tklvnvzhy used to enhance and improve its performance. It requires a Mac software which has been developed for applications that have been made for the Pc does not support the Mac uninstall applications that are required to be installed in conjunction with your will install such software can be designed by Apple apple safari, QuikTime X etc. Mac Os X Sonow Leopard operating system is the first system that can be installed on a hacked PC about 7 GB less space in the main system, because compressed Nsbt needs. 

Note: This is the only operating system installed on the motherboard and Amd x86 and Intel x86 motherboard with a bus pass is less than 2005 installed and try to install on any PC with an Asus motherboard avoid such difficult problems Applications will be encountered.

Size - 3.16 GB




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