Panda IS Rescue Disc 2010

18/03/2010 17:18

When your computer is under threat from certain viruses, it might be
impossible to start the computer, or start it in a virus-free environment.
In these cases, the computer needs to be started from a virus-free boot disk
or rescue CD in order to scan the PC and detect and disinfect any viruses.

you to create a rescue CD, this one improves some of its characteristics.
Steps for creating rescue CD

To create a rescue CD, you must first download a file called
 by following the steps below:

Click the link to download

SafeCD.iso(130 MB) file.
Save the file to hard disk. You can create a folder called
Open your CD burning software.
Then click open ISO image and select the
PandaSafeCD.iso file
 in your
Insert the CD in the recordable CD drive and select  in
your CD burning software.Bear in mind that each CD burning application
has its own options and the instructions may be different from those described
above.It is essential that these steps are carried out in a virus-free
 When you have created the CD, you can boot your computer from this CD and
check if it is infected.To boot the computer from this CD, the BIOS of
your PC must be configured to allow this.For information about
configuring the BIOS, refer to the manual for your motherboard or contact the
manufacturer or vendor of your motherboard.
 When booting the computer from the CD, you will be prompted to specify
the language in which you want to carry out this process, follow the
instructions displayed and the scan will start.


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