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27/09/2010 15:03


The Experiment 2010
    *   Directed By:  Paul Scheuring
    * Starring: Adrien Brody, Forest Whitaker, Cam Gigandet
    * Year: 2010
    * MPAA Rating: R
    * Genre: Thriller
    * DVD Release: 9.21.2010
    * Plot Summary: Based on a novel by Mario Giordano.

This movie is a remake of a movie based on a book that was inspired by the real-life Stanford prison experiment

The main theme is that we are superior to the primates because of our will to do something about our defects. We do have some social genes from the bonobo's, thank Darwin. The conclusion from a lifelong study of human nature brings Dr. Zimbardo to realize that the same mechanisms that can be contrived to show our violent underbelly can also be constructed to elevate us. That is the movie we need to see.


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