Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 Integrated June 2012(Single Link)

22/08/2011 11:39

Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 Integrated June 2012 x86 x64




Guide zip:
Note that all the compressed files in your site (in all sectors) is (password) words, if you type the correct password, and when you trust Extract (out file, mode), with similar errors CRC Error or Wrong Password and encounter, to note that all files with rar extension of the Website (except for some files that are compressed to reduce the volume of the professionals) have the ability Recovery (Repair) are, it means that you can do to rebuild the file, the download can not be retrieved, this method Repair (repair) is well known that the specific software WinRAR. Use of Repair, WinRAR software to open and select the desired file, and software in a high column, select the Repair option, present in a new window that is open file (rar or zip) specifies Click on Browse and repair files that are transmitted path set. After operations to repair the zip file to a predetermined path to a new file and click Extract. Note that all files with repair Rebuilt (reconstruction) starts. Repair methods not work if the file was not repaired, the file download is incomplete and needs to re-download the incomplete download, or download a few gigabytes kilobytes of a file may also fluctuate due to excessive speed During the download (especially the free night), and Stop and Resume are numerous.
The Windows installation:
Should you install Windows ISO image file format is the raw burn on a DVD. Windows must have a property is usually Bvtybl and if it lacks this property can not be installed. Windows also made it so that it is having Bootable property and that when you burn it on DVD will continue to take advantage of this property, you must use special software. A special software so that the property Bvtybl Windows does not eliminate the burning software is UltraISO. Below we've put a link to download this software you can download it. After downloading and installing this software program, run it and select Open from the File menu option and then enter the path to the ISO file in Windows where you Extract. Select the image file is displayed with its contents into the program without changing its contents into a raw DVD ROM PC Options from the Tools menu, then Burn CD / DVD Image box appears, select the Write Speed Put on 4X and then click on the Burn option to burn starts operations.
Activation of Windows:
Just click on the active file for Windows bie_7install.exe (this file is located in the Activator folder) right click and select Run as administrator option and wait for Windows to finish the activation process. If the activation of the windows firewall queries ALLOW options to choose from. Also, if you encounter problems during activation workaround.bat right click on the file and select Run as administrator option. 

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